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Maharishi Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu The Moment

Change Your Mind

Away from the past
To a new day

A new dawn
We follow new thoughts
That lead us away

Into a moment to moment
Day to day


Renewing of our thoughts
Changing our mind

This new mantra of our thinking
On the rebirth of the way

We think
We do
We live
We feel

Our life
As we perceive it
Through the eye
Of our mind

A power to change
The flow of our thoughts
Through meditative

Good things
Good thoughts
Good direction

Into the flow
Of what makes

Reality on which our lives
Are sustained

Grown into
Who we are

We choose
Our lives
Deep inside
The flow
Of our

Pursuing new life
Changing our minds

Enjoy the time
Of your Life

Maharishi Déjà Vu

Signature Of God

Fly Like An Eagle
Déjà Vu The Moment

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