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Maharishi Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu The Moment

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Twilight in the Rain
Really don’t know who I am
Guess it really don’t matter
I am what I do in the world
I am who I choose in my mind

I’ve looked into the mirror of the world
The mirror on the streets in the rain
Seen its face at the time the sunset
If you take a look across its vast reflection
You can see time unfold before your very eyes
As the day divides into night
There is a light that shines upon


It is like the first time you ever seen
The image of your own reflection
But to see the light of your life
In the light of this mirror
Will open up your eyes
Will make it clear
That your time here
As a life
As no little thing

Get a look into the mirror
In the rain
As it paints itself
Onto the street
Across the twilight
Of your mind
Of your life
It will open
Your eye

Maharishi Déjà Vu

Signature Of God

Fly Like An Eagle
Déjà Vu The Moment


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