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Maharishi Déjà Vu
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Tea Egg Moon

Tea Egg Moon
For Lillian & Paul

Painted white and blue
Oval in the midnight sky
Like a tea egg
Painted through the cracks
Of its shell
By the spices
That seep through
Leaving their
Bleed throughs
Of Dark
Of Light
Giving you a face
Of art
Of Day
Of Night
Never seen before
Never seen again

My eyes have seen
The Tea Egg Moon
With its ring of light
Hanging in the night
In between the blink
Of the eye
Of the full moon

With wings I meet the day
We are the wings
Of Day
Of Night
We are the wings of time
In flight
In the light
Of the Tea Egg Moon

As the moon
Reflects the sun
Reflections of the
Day on Night
We Are
Of the light
In time

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